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Contributions to society and sustainability

are not only topics tackled within the consulting services that we provide to our clients. At pro.mara consulting, we are committed to contributing to the society in which we live as a company as well as personally.

Pro Bono work and volunteering are inherent part of our company philosophy and our people development processes. We are connected to several initiatives, e.g. startsocial and tatkräftig e.V.

Since 2016 we are supporting the Initiative für frühe Bildung gGmbH an initiative for early childhood development.

Sustainability within our core business

is a natural part of our business operations. Even as a young company, it is important to set priorities within the sometimes conflicting goals of the triple bottom line contributing to economic, environmental and social development.

Economic stability and people development are top priorities for us as a young and dynamically growing company. Our team consists of full-time and freelancing consultants. This provides us with the flexibility to adapt to a growing client base as well as to the needs of our individual team members. An appropriate compensation, attractive development opportunities and flexible work arrangements are characteristic for our work environment.


Regarding environmental responsibility, we pay attention to buying FSC certified paper and to avoiding unnecessary waste. As a consultancy, intense business travel is part of our everyday life. Wherever feasible, we try to reduce our business travel. However, in favor of an appropriate work-life-balance, we leave it up to our employees, which mode of transportation they choose to take.

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